Accessible Affordable Housing

We support the effort to create sufficient accessible, affordable housing and help promote education in Nevada through advocacy.

We support universal design and the visitability effort.

There is not enough accessible, affordable housing in Nevada. Since Nevada is mostly a rural state small communities are left with little or no accessible housing.  Larger cities like Las Vegas, Reno and Carson city have issues also that this coalition will address. With many Nevadans who  have disabilities their earnings are very little  and they lack the means the finances that restrict earning.  Nevada’s cost of rent and real-estate have increased which puts those PWD’s without options.

As Seniors age and experience disability, there are many who are forced to leave their homes because they have become too restrictive for accommodations or aides such as mobility devices. The sudden onset of a disability can mean a costly home modification is necessary or that the entire family must move. This is common in all areas of Nevada.

There is a history of discrimination against people with disabilities in our search for housing. Fair Housing Discrimination Complaints on the basis of disability are far too common even today our coalition will work on education of the public and working to help communities increase accessible housing for people with disabilities.