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Why Join:

We have the professionalism and experience necessary to invest in the process of community engagement and shared decision-making for people with disabilities in Nevada. Our strong links to the statewide and national community of agencies and experts involved with our leadership Coalition allow us to achieve our mutual goals and implement Nevada Disability Coalition initiatives more effectively.

The Coalition provides support, leadership, and credibility to all our partners. We possess a deep and extensive understanding of disability education, including the issues and priorities we all share in this field. We also leverage our key resources, such as our development, media, and advocacy capabilities, to positively promote the Nevada Disability Coalition and its work. ​​


Take advantage of the many benefits of partnership with the Humane Education Coalition.

Be the Change:

  • Members & Partners take part in systemic change and advancement of education through the Coalition’s important initiatives.
  • Participation and engagement in the Coalition is encouraged. Members and Partners are eligible to serve on Coalition committees, and they have a voice on key issues that shape the Coalition and our objectives.

Network and Share:

  • Connecting and networking is a major part of our work together. Members draw on the expertise of participants and organizations in Nevada and nationally, and they expand their professional network.
  • Members receive full access to Coalition meetings and trainings as well as the ability to connect with other partners in our exclusive online forum and social media groups.

Increase Visibility:

  • Partners participate in unique public relations opportunities through the Coalition. They can also leverage their efforts with promotion on our website and utilize our media.
  • ​Partnership with the Coalition increases visibility among a large base of constituents and enhances the legitimacy and credibility of our individual efforts and goals.

Be Recognized:

Members/Partners have the opportunity for recognition through participation with state and national disability organizations and leaders that have made a significant contribution to working on issues that affect people with disabilities in Nevada.

The Coalition welcomes any organization involved in, committed to, or considering solving issues that impact people who have disabilities in Nevada.

Organizations include nonprofits and NGOs, educational institutions, social enterprises, cooperatives, professional associations, businesses, foundations, government agencies, student organizations, groups, clubs, and more.​

The purpose of this Coalition is to bring together individuals and organizations working to improve the lives of people who have disabilities in Nevada. To work with the common elements of each entity; and to collaboratively achieve agreed-upon goals. For the purposes of these guidelines, a Coalition is defined as a collection of entities joined together for a common purpose. This Coalition may serve as both exposure for and unity of its partners.

The Coalition welcomes any organizations involved in, committed to, or considering solving issues that impact People who have Disabilities in Nevada. Any Organization or Individual seeking partnership will be accepted on the same basis as all existing partners. Partnership in other such organizations, associations, or coalitions does not preclude partnership in this Coalition.

Coalition Group Partners (membership).

​Member Partners appoint at least one (1) individual to act as a representative to the Coalition. It is recommended that this individual be authorized and capable of making decisions on behalf of the partner organization. Partners are committed to professional competence in their careers or career pursuits. As an ongoing part of their work, Coalition partners apply their collective experience, skills, and expertise to help the Coalition advance those important issues that affect people with disabilities in Nevada.

Member Partners are encouraged to participate in any Coalition-related meeting, event, training, lecture, or other activity. Increased participation in Coalition activities supports our shared efforts and allows all partners to more effectively benefit. When partners accept responsibility for a task or assignment, they recognize that the Coalition is depending on their follow-through and commitment.

Member Partners practice the highest standards of ethics in their professional activities and engagements, including integrity, fairness, and honesty in their conduct of all Coalition relations. Partners acknowledge the unique contributions and values of other partners. They maintain a willingness to compromise, treat others with compassion, and work collaboratively. It is important that each partner has an equitable voice in how decisions are made, initiatives are executed, and benefits are received. As Coalition initiatives are developed, partners agree to use sound judgment in their decision-making within the Coalition.

A sense of cooperation, despite varying sizes of organizations, is essential to the Coalition’s success. Partnership does not mean that all responsibilities are equally divided within the Coalition, but that each partner is respected for the unique qualities it brings to the Coalition. Partner representatives are flexible, tolerant, and civil in their dealings with other partners. They demonstrate an ability to understand and respect other points of view, even when there is a disagreement. Partners seek mediation from the Coalition if an issue arises. The Coalition maintains objectivity in all Coalition-related matters. Partners agree to focus on commonalities between entities, and they recognize that the Coalition will not tolerate any coercion to agree on items contrary to an agency’s identity or core principles. They agree to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, safety, and understanding.

Partners/Members are committed to the Coalition’s mission, values, and strategies. They recognize that it may take a considerable amount of time to develop and execute the agreed-upon objectives. Partners make an effort to keep the Coalition informed of their agency’s related activities. They commit to reading Coalition reports and publications to keep abreast of the Coalition’s activities, and they agree to disseminate relevant information to their agency’s employees, stakeholders, and/or members.


Partner Members: Non-profit organizations that work with or on behalf of people who have disabilities.

  1. No fee paid to coalition.

Sponsors invest resources in the Coalition annually in the following ways:

  1. Financial  Sponsor– a financial contribution.
  2. Sponsors with the Nevada Disability Coalition provide financial support to help fund the daily administrative needs of the Coalition, while our consumer led steering committee and members determine our policy directives.

Partner Members and Sponsors may display the Nevada Disability Coalition logo on their website or promotional documents. The logo provided shall not be altered in any way without approval from the Coalition.

These guidelines are not comprehensive of every issue or situation that may occur, and they should not be perceived as such. These guidelines may be revised from time to time, upon the recommendation of the Coalition partners and by approval of the Founder and Acting Board.