Nevada Candidates Ratings

This page shows how Members of Congress or those in the Nevada Legislature have supported disability issues or veterans with disabilities issues.

They are rated on how they voted on they supported issues (cosponsoring, voting or interacting with organizations)

You will see at the bottom Stars or thumbs down on how they supported issues for PWD and Veterans with disabilities, these are based on their time in office.  Also how they interact with the disability community at a national level and a state level


If they are a candidate and they have a disability policy they will receive 2 starts,





Disability Stars ★★★★★

Thumbs down

Governor Steve Sisolk Democrat Former Clark County Commissioner
Adam Laxalt Republican Former Attorney General
Lieutenant Governor
Gary Anthony Meyers Republican
Kate Marshall Democrat
Janine Hansen Independent American
Ed Uehling Independent
Attorney General
Joel Hansen Independent
Aaron Ford Democrat former senator
Wes Duncan Republican
Secretary of State
Barbara Cegavske Republican * Incumbent
Nelson Araujo Democrat
Zach Conine Democrat
Bob Beers Republican
Bill Hoge Independent
State Controller
Ron Knecht Republican * Incumbent
Catherine Byrne Democrat
U.S. Senate
Jacky Rosen Democrat
Dean Heller Republican * Incumbent
Congressional District 1
Dina Titus Democrat * Incumbent ★★★★
Joyce Bently Republican
Daniel Garfeild Independent American
Robert Van Strawder Libertarian
Congressional District 2
Mark Amodei Republican * Incumbent
Clint Koble Democrat
Congressional District 3
Susie Lee (D) Democrat
Danny Tarkanian (R) Republican
Tony Gumina  (I) Independent
Congressional District 4
Cresent Hardy Republican former U.S. Rep.
Steven Horsford Democrat former U.S. Rep.
 Warren Markowitz Independent
 Gregg Luckner Libertarian
State Senate
Senate, District 2
Moises Denis (I) Democrat * Incumbent
Calvin Border Republican
State Senate, District 8
Marilyn Dondero Loop Democrat
Garrett LeDuff  Independent
Valerie Weber Republican
State Senate, District 9
Tiffany Jones Republican
Melanie Scheible Democrat
State Senate, District 12
Joe Hardy Republican * Incumbent
Craig Jordahl Democrat
State Senate, District 13
Charlene Young Independent
Julia Ratti Democrat * Incumbent
State Senate, District 14
Wendy Boszak Democrat
Thomas Kennedy  Independent
Ira Hansen Republican
State Senate, District 16
Tina Davis-Hersey Democrat
Ben Kieckhefer Republican * Incumbent
John Wagner  Independent
State Senate District 17
James Settelmeyer Republican * Incumbent
Curtis Cannon Democrat
State Senate District 20 Julie Ann Pazina Democrat
Richard Bronstein Independent
Keith Pickard Republican
State Senate District 21
James Ohrenschall Democrat
Ron McGinnis Republican
State Assembly
State Assembly, District 1
Daniele Monroe-Moreno Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 2
Jeannie Sherwood Democrat
John Hambrick Republican * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 3
Selena Torres Democrat
Stephen Sedlmeyer Republican
State Assembly, District 4
Connie Munk Democrat
Richard McArthur (I) Republican * Incumbent
Robert Lystrup (Independent American) Independent
State Assembly, District 5
Brittney Miller Democrat * Incumbent
Jason Burke Republican
State Assembly, District 6
Will McCurdy Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 7
Dina Neal Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 8
Jason Frierson Democrat * Incumbent
Tina Peetris Republican
State Assembly, District 9
Steve Yeager Democrat * Incumbent
Barry Keller Republican
State Assembly, District 10
Chris Brooks Democrat * Incumbent
Noel Searles Republican
Jonathan Friedrich  Independent
State Assembly, District 12
Richard Fletcher Republican
Susan Martinez Democrat
Mary Elizabeth Martinez  Independent
State Assembly, District 14
Maggie Carlton Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 15
Howard Watts Democrat
Stan Vaughn Republican
State Assembly, District 16
Heidi Swank Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 17
Tyrone Thompson Democrat * Incumben
Patricia Little
Ronald Newsome (L) Libertarian
State Assembly, District 19
Chris Edwards Republican * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 20
Ellen Spiegel Democrat * incumbent
Michael McDonald
Alexander Cheyenne Bacon (Ind.) Independent
State Assembly, District 21
Ozzie Fumo Democrat * Incumbent
Cherlyn Arrington Republican
State Assembly, District 22
Kristee Watson Democrat
Melissa Hardy Republican
State Assembly, District 23
Ralph Preta  Independent
Glen Leavitt Republican
State Assembly, District 24
Saraha Peters Democrat
State Assembly, District 25
Gregory John Shorts Democrat
Jill Tolles (I) Republican * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 26
Lisa Krasner Republican * Incumbent
June Joseph Democrat
State Assembly, District 27
Teresa Benitez-Thompson Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 28
Edgar Flores (I) * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 29
Lesley Cohen Democrat * Incumbent
Stephen Silberkraus Republican
Bruce James-Newman Libertarian
State Assembly, District 30
Michael Sprinkle Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 31
Skip Daly Democrat * Incumbent
Jill Dickman Republican
State Assembly, District 32
Alexis Hansen Republican
Patty Povilaitis Democrat
State Assembly, District 33
John Ellison Republican * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 34
Janice Wesen Republican
Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod Democrat * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 35
Michelle Gorelow Democrat
Daniel Hofstein Independent
David Schoen Republican
State Assembly, District 36
Michelle Gorelow Democrat
Dennis Hof Republican
State Assembly, District 37
Shea Backus Democrat
Jim Marchant (I) Republican * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 38
Robin Titus (I) * Incumbent
State Assembly, District 39
Jim Wheeler Republican * Incumbent
Patricia Ackerman Democrat
Paul Cwalina  Libertarian
State Assembly, District 40
Al Kramer Republican * Incumbent
Autumn Zemke Democrat
State Assembly, District 41
Sandra Jauregui Democrat * Incumbent
Paris Wade Republican
State Assembly, District 42
Alexander Assefa Democrat
Board of Regents
State University, District 1
Jack Mallory Nonpartisan
David Olson Nonpartisan
Laura Perkins Nonpartisan
State University, District 9
Carol Del Carlo Nonpartisan
State University, District 12
Andrea Anderson Nonpartisan
Amy Carvalho Nonpartisan
Andrew Coates Nonpartisan
Suprem Court
Seat C
Elissa Cadish
Jerry Tao
Seat F
Abbi Silver
Seat G
Lidia Stiglich (Incumbent)
Mathew Harter
Reno Mayor
Hillary Shieve * Incumbent ★★★★