Julian Castro 2020 Candidate President

Equality for People with Disabilities

As a nation, the United States has come far in advancing the rights of disabled individuals, but we must continue fulfilling the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Individuals with disabilities will be taken into account with every policy we implement and we will recognize the inherent value of every person.

Photo of Latino Man Julian Castro running for US President with dark black hair. Sign that say s Equality for People with Disabilities.

“When I am President, I will work to expand accessibility and opportunity for all people with disabilities”. Julian Castro

  • Make sure students with disabilities get the resources they need to succeed by fully funding and expanding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Ensure disabled people have priority for accessible housing units
  • Expand Medicare to cover long-term support services for individuals with disabilities and support purchases of assistive technology through the tax code
  • Repeal the public charge rule discriminates against individuals with disabilities
  • Protect members of the disability community, too often subject to police violence, by requiring officers to undergo training and hold police officers accountable for their actions
  • Promote alternative 911 responses, such as social workers and mental health professionals, rather than armed officers
  • Combat environmental discrimination and advance environmental justice with new civil rights legislation to protect front-line communities, including members of the disability community
  • Ensure that efforts to combat climate change prioritize the needs of people with disabilities and ensure that efforts including sustainability and disaster recovery are all accessible and inclusive
  • Enforce nondiscrimination laws that protect people with disabilities in workplace settings and ensure that disabled people are given opportunities for meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities.