Our Mission

The Nevada Disability Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals joined to promote the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. Disability Coalition partners with Nevada cross disability organizations to help promote awareness, activism and education through working on disability rights, individual partners policy and awareness. We are stronger as a team of organizations and key stakeholders. Nevada Disability Coalition (NDC) mission is to advocate for people/groups and organizations in Nevada through education, advocacy and networking.

Our Initiatives:

Voter Registration:Working through  the REV-UP campaign. A national disability voting initiative.

Candidate Awareness:  Working on interviewing key candidates and current office holders on those key disability Issues national and statewide. Providing organizations and individuals of NDC with that information.

Accessible Voting Areas:  Helping those people in Nevada know where their voting pole is and the accessibility features.

Healthcare:  Helping educate our partners, their members on those healthcare policies that affect them on a national and federal level.  Helping progress advocacy as a team of organizations and individuals for all Nevadans who have disabilities.  Build a key diverse group of stakeholders who can advise leaders better on policy for those key disability groups local and statewide.

Accessibility: Helping communities with plans through networking local talent for physical accessibility barriers and social barriers for people in each community in Nevada.

Transportation:  Helping communities and cities plan for better transportation systems for people with disabilities and seniors.

Emergency Preparedness:  Helping establish a plan for communities who are lacking a disability and senior plan.

Sustainable Programs:  Programs that help ensure the independence of people who have disabilities, seniors or veterans.