Long-Term Supports

Long-Term Supports and Services .People with disabilities often need long-term services and supports to assist us in activities of daily living and help us live as independently as possible.

The Coalition supports public policies that advance:

• Quality, integrated, home- and community-based service options available for all individuals with disabilities who need them.

• Individually driven programs that are sufficient in scope and flexibility to maintain recipients’ health, security and independence.

• Programs that enhance natural supports without overburdening them.

• Protections for the rights, autonomy and choices of the individual receiving services.

•Expanding eligibility and services through existing programs that work, including CHOICES, Employment and Community First CHOICES and the Family Support Program.

• Qualified, adequate workforce of direct support professionals and service providers with fair pay.

• Adapting Nevada’s system of care to provide services to more people, improve the quality of services and deliver them in a more efficient manner.

• Accountability through performance measures, contract monitoring and enforcement and transparency through public reporting.