RevUp Nevada Issues

1) Working to educate state policymakers
2) Educating people with disabilities, family members, advocates and the general public on issues affecting people with disabilities

3) Health Care
a) Access to appropriate medical services in a managed care environment
b) Physical accessibility to medical services
c) Access to specialists to meet specific needs of people with disabilities
d) Addressing discrimination to services because of a preexisting medical condition
e) Medicaid Expansion

4) Long Term Services and Supports
a) Getting and keeping folks out of nursing facilities and other institutions
b) Making managed care work for people with disabilities
c) Elimination of all waiting lists for people with disabilities and older Texans
d) Increasing the number of community attendants and to assure they get paid an
adequate wage and benefits

5) Rights
a) Educate people with disabilities of all ages on their rights under disability rights laws like
ADA, Fair Housing Act, IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
b) Conduct trainings on strategies to implement disability rights laws

6) Employment
a) Identify strategies to decrease high unemployment rate of people with disabilities
b) Educate consumers on Work Incentives/Disincentives

7) Housing – Accessible, Affordable, Integrated
a) Educate consumers on their rights under housing rights laws
b) Identify accessible, affordable integrated housing options
c) Work with Relocation Specialists to identify housing options for people coming out of nursing facilities and other institutions

8) Transportation – Accessible, Integrated
a) Mainline Ridership Incentives and Training
b) Paratransit – What Is Its Role?
c) Accessible Taxicabs & Ridesharing
d) Air Travel

9) Education
a) Training on IDEA – Implementation/Enforcement
b) Assure students with disabilities get an adequate Transition Plan before they leave high

10) Leadership Development
a) Training on development of new leaders
b) Training on use of Social Media
c) Development of Grassroots Organizations