Madonna Long

Madonna Long, Founder & Executive Director Nevada Disability Coalition

Madonna is a respected and established personality in the disability community who works with disability organizations, leaders, and businesses around the United States. She has a Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security.

Madonna has worked in advocacy for Pride Mobility, VPG Autos, Star Transporation Group, Vetaxi, Grip Solutions and Flexicier as a consumer advocate lobbying for disability issues. She has been featured in their advertisements and has worked on public policy for durable medical equipment and accessible transportation throughout the USA.

Madonna has extensive experience in advertising, media, public relations, and public policy. She is CEO & President of Loops Media Group and Madonna Long Consulting LLC, which all companies specializing in the disability community and market.

Madonna works with our nation’s leaders, Senators, Congressional Members and their staff in Washington DC on issues that concern People with Disabilities.

Madonna works closely with national disability groups such as AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities), NCIL (National Council on Independent Living), AUCD ( Association of University Centers on Disability), & United Spinal, Madonna also works with trade organizations such as AAHomecare, National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology.

Madonna has worked on transportation issues concerning the needs of people with disabilities for over six years. She has helped communities in Washington DC, New York City and other cities across our nation find innovative ways to mitigate the shortage of accessible transportation options.


State Pennsylvania Vocational Rehabilitation Council..
Board of Directors for Three Rivers Center for Independent Living, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. •
American Association with People with Disabilities Gala Committee
National Council for Independent Living Committee Member Emergency Preparedness Committee Transportation.
1995 Advocate for Safety in School Buses.

2009 Ruth & George Brenyo Achievement Award Pittsburgh, PA Three Rivers Center for Independent Living.
2010 Movement Therapy Advocate Award. Beverly Hills, CA
Ms. Wheelchair Nevada 1994 and Runner-up Ms. Wheelchair Nevada 1984.

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Madonna with Reno Mayor Shieve 2017
Madonna In DC Roll on Capitol Hill
Madonna and AAPD Chairman Ted Kennedy Jr.
Madonna and Congresswoman Dina Titus NV in DC at NCIL Conference
Madonna, Susan Rotchy CA CIL, & Elizabeth Leff DC, works for HHS
Elizabeth Leef, ADA Author Senator Tom Harkin (retired) at the NCIL March 2017
Madonna keynote speaker at Crossroads Young Women Conference in Pittsburgh
Madonna in Las Vegas at a Press Conference for accessible taxis
Madonna Long and Seth Johnson in DC advocating for Complex Rehab Technology
Madonna and Mike Carney at TRICIL Gala in Pittsburgh, for VPG Autos and MV1
Madonna with her Team discussing the reality of Nissan’s New accessible Taxi at the NYC Auto Show
Lisa Wells, Senator Cathrine Cortez Masto in DC 2017
Madonna has known Senator Reid since she was 22. This was his last year in the US Senate.
2017 United Spinal Awards
Madonna with Robert Davi, and Lou Ferrigno at the MTA awards in LA, Mr. Davi presented Madonna her Advocacy Award
Madonna with Tammy Duckworth at the Disability Gala DC
AAPD Gala with Ginny Thornburgh, and Dick Thornburgh at the AAPD Gala
Madonna at the White House for the 27th ADA Celebration with Rocker Bobby Deiher and ADA Author Congressman Tony Cohelo (retired)
Madonna and NV Former Governor and NV Senator Dick Bryan in Senator Reids office in DC 2015


Madonna in DC with Taxi Commission Ron Linton and his staff
Madonna with her mentor Chery Sensenbrenner

Bene Michaels

Bene Michaels is from Reno, Nevada.

Bene Micheals

Bene has been a Diabetic since she was 13. After years of dealing with diabetes she was young, she learned a life threatening diagnosis.

Bene had always thought she had it under control but when she got older her eyes started to have problems. Then in 1998 she started getting sick and weak, her Doctor said you have congestive heart failure.  That lead to more tests which showed she was having kidney failure.  She was devastated but then found determination when she stared dialysis. This lead her to go on full disability. It broke her heart to not work at the Nugget after 13 years.  The Nugget in Sparks is where Madonna and Bene would start their lifelong friendship for over 32 years.

After one year Bene received disability and social security, but it was a long hard process and Senator Bryan helped her.  She started to fundraise to help with her kidney transplant and the Review Journal wrote a story on her. After that article ran many local people started helping. Bene credits  Senator Bryan’s office helping her get closer to a transplant date.

Bene’s Daughter Alicia helped raise money at the Rodeo Rock Bar where she worked.  Her daughter Alicia determined to her mom, held a fundraiser that would change Bene’s life forever. Bene found her hero, Alicia’s boss  Mary  decided to give her kidney to Bene. Even through Mary did not even know Bene but they would be would soul sister forever.

Bene and Mary her Donor and livelong friend

Today Bene supports the Sierra Nevada Donor Awareness where she is an ambassador. To spread the work and eye tissue and organ donation is.  This year it is 18 years of her new life since her kidney transplant.

Founder Madonna Long

“Disability need not be an obstacle to success,” Stephen Hawking wrote in the first ever world disability report back in 2011. As one of the most influential scientists of modern times, the physicist is certainly proof of that..


Madonna Crosthwaite Long grew up in Nevada. Born in Yerrington and growing up in Winnemucca, Golconda  and Battle Mountain. She is one of 8 Crosthwaite children.  She currently lives in Battle Mountain.

Madonna is a respected and established personality in the disability community who works with disability organizations, leaders, and businesses around the United States. She is a Consumer Advocate to Quantum and Pride Mobility Products. Madonna is the founder of 360 Access and NV Disability Coalition.

Madonna was injured her senior year in high school in 1981. While returning from in Utah to Wyoming, she was paralyzed in a school bus accident. The bus was descending down a mountain in Utah when their bus lost the brakes.  Her best friend Julie died.

She is the mother of four children. Tyler who works for NASA, Joshua who lives in Utah, Julie who lives in Pennsylvania and Tanner who is a senior at Battle Mountain High school.  She is CEO & President of Loops Media Group. She owns Madonna Long Consulting LLC,. a consulting company.

Madonna was 1985 Runner up for Ms. Wheelchair Nevada in 1994, She ran for Nevada State Assembly in 1994 and she has a bachelors degree in Homeland Security

Madonna has worked as a Consumer Advocate for Pride Mobility Products for over 10 years on public policy for people with disabilities and their mobility needs through advancing policy for durable medical equipment and complex rehab technology.

Madonna worked on accessible transportation where for 2 years she helped policies in Chicago, Washington DC, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and New York for accessible taxi services.

She is recognized by her peers as well, she works with the American Association of People with Disabilities, National Council on Independent Living as well as industry organizations to advance key issues.